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Prices Delft


Unlimited play  

Wednesday until Sunday 10am - 6pm  
  • Children under 1 year are free of charge when there is at
    at least one paying child in the family/group. 

€  7,50      

Toddler play (until 4 years) 

Wednesday until Friday entrance before 11:30 am. 

  • Including lemonde
  • Not valid during school holidays
  • Entrance after 11:30am: you pay 'unlimited play' price.


10 times entry ticket toddler play 
Not valid during school holidays.

€  4,50

€ 35,00



10- times entry ticket

€ 65,00




Kids Basic package

€ 10,95

Mini-pancakes package

€ 10,95

Adult package

€   3,50


Additional options

  • Decorate cake

€   2,00

  • Bag of sweets 

€   1,25

€   4,00

  • Kids champagne

€   5,00

  • Party package (1 tablecloth, 10 cups, 10 napkins)

€   7,95

     Available in: Cars, Spiderman, FrozenPrincess,
Mega Mindy, Minions.


School trips / Group packages 

For more information, please visit School trips. 


School trip package                                                                  

€   9,50

Groups from 75 children

€   9,00

Groups from 125 children

€   8,50

Groups from 175 children                                                

€   8,00

Gift cards

Available at the cash register at Kids Playground. Available in any preferred amount.

Additional information

  • We will open on Monday or Tuesday for groups with a minimum of 75 children.

  • You can pay by card or cash.
  • All prices are per person.

  • Playing is at own risk.

  • We advice children to wear casual and airy clothes.

  • The management of Kids Playground is not responsible for damage and/or injury caused during stay. Neither for loss nor theft. 

  • Visitors must follow instructions of our staff/management at any time. Management helds the right to refuse admission without prejudice and reserves the right to ask for proof of payment/receipt.
  • Prices are restricted. 


NEW: 10 times entry ticket
for toddler play



Nice deal for the Kids:

Unlimited play, fries with mayonnaise,
Capri-Sun and a nice surprise voor only € 10,50