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Activities Apeldoorn

Here you find the agenda of Kids Playground Apeldoorn.

Wednesday September 6 - LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD

The wolf is lost, are you going to help him?

Friday September 8 - MINIONS

Our Minion will visit us, will you be joining as well?

Saturday September 9 - COWBOYS & INDIANS

Become a real cowboy or indian today.

Sunday September 10 - VILLAINS

Who is going to help us to catch the villain?

Wednesday September 13 - ANGRY BIRDS

Who can find all the angry birds?


Friday September 15 - HIDE & SEEK 

Who is going to play hide & seek with us?

Saturday September 16 - PIPPI LONGSTOCKING

Get braids and freckles just like Pippi, or a cool tatto for the boys. We are going to look for mr. Nilsons friend.


Sunday September 17 - BALLOON DISCO

We are van exciting dancing game. Who is going to join?

Wednesday September 20 - DISCO

Do you like dancing? Join the disco.

Friday September 22 - PIRATES & PRINCESS

Become a real pirate of princess today. 

Saturday September 23 - LOOK & FIND

Are you good at finding stuff? Come and help us.

Sunday September 24 - SLIDE RACE

Very exciting....we havea slide race today. Are you going to join us?

Wednesday September 27 - RUN RUN RUN

A funny game and you can earn some candy...

Friday September 29 - CLUEDO

We are going to play Kids cluedo. Can you solve the mystery?

Saturday September 30 - VILLAINS

We need your help to find the villain. Are you going to join us?


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